Mukesh Tirkoti, the founder and Director of Tapasya Spices & Kitchen, is highly experienced in running fine-dining restaurants and has once again assembled a talented and dedicated team for his first independent venture.

Mukesh operated Indian restaurants in London, Moscow and Zurich to great acclaim and after moving to Hull established his venues as destination dining experiences, winning major accolades including a Michelin Plate and the Remarkable East Yorkshire Tourism Awards (REYTAs).

He has proven to be an inspirational leader of chefs and front-of-house staff and at Tapasya Spices & Kitchen is encouraging them to explore authentic and experimental ingredients and to present them with the style and dynamism of modern Indian cooking techniques.

At the heart of the restaurant’s ethos is the combination of the source and supply network which Mukesh has developed in India and the unique insight which he has developed into the UK passion for Asian food.