Traditional All-Time Favourites


Prawn Poori £5.95

Chicken Pakora £5.95

Chicken Seekh Kebab £5.95

Chilli Chicken £6.95

Samosa Chat £5.95

Garlic Prawn £6.95

Prawn Calamari £7.95


Chicken Pathia £9.95

Chicken Chettinad £9.95

Chicken Tikka Masala £9.95

Chicken Jalfrezi £9.95

Chicken Pasanda £9.95

Lamb Shank £16.95

Chicken Bhuna £9.95

Chicken Madras £9.95

Lamb Bhuna £10.95

Lamb Chettinad £10.95

Lamb Jalfrezi £10.95

Lamb Achari £10.95

Lamb Pasanda £10.95


Bombay Aloo £4.95

Okra £5.95

Garlic Mushroom £4.95

Vegan and vegetarian options are available. For allergen information please ask any member of staff. Although we take every precaution to ensure that our food has not been in contact with nuts, we cannot guarantee this. Some of these products may be fried in genetically modified ingredients. All prices include VAT.