At Tapasya Spices & Kitchen we combine our expert knowledge of Indian food with everything we have learned from operating the highest quality restaurants around the world to offer a unique dining experience.

Our chefs are skilled in the creation, preparation and presentation of a wide array of authentic Indian dishes. Some will be familiar to aficionados of traditional Asian cuisine, and others offer an exciting opportunity to try something new as we explore our culinary heritage.

Whatever your tastes and preferences, you will find yourself on a journey of discovery because everything we serve ignites an explosion of flavours triggered by our range of spices specially sourced, selected and imported from our suppliers in India.

But there is more to Tapasya Spices & Kitchen than the menu. Our dining environment is a delight and we can accommodate more than 100 guests, from individuals and couples to small groups and larger parties by arrangement.

We have an exclusive dining room which is perfect for special occasions with family and friends, or for private corporate events. For the biggest celebrations we can make the entire restaurant available, and we will work with you to create the right menu for your event, taking into account all dietary requirements.

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