Tapasya Spices and Kitchen Pantry

We are unique as a restaurant which offers for sale all the amazing ingredients used to prepare your food, all the way from Tapasya Spices in India.

Our restaurant kitchen is also the hub for Tapasya Spices product development, with the most precise testing and tasting by our expert chefs, who monitor and maintain the quality of the spices, pulses and rice, more than 50 in total which we source from specialist suppliers and then package in India to bring them to the UK.

They can guide you on the part played by every ingredient in the food that you eat, and the contribution which each element makes to the overall taste, texture and spiciness. By doing that they will find out what you like, show you what to buy from Tapasya Spices & Kitchen Pantry and advise you on how to use it to enhance your dining experience.

Wholesale Spices