Wholesale Spices

Just as we offer the finest, authentic Indian food, we also supply the full product range of Tapasya Spices to the retail and wholesale markets.

We offer more than 50 premium quality products from a plethora of Indian spices which include whole, mixed and ground ingredients as well as pulses and rice.

Tapasya Spices products are packaged in a variety of sizes to meet demand for volume and convenience. Every product has been carefully selected to bring something new and different to the UK market, all tested and endorsed by some of the most celebrated Indian chefs in the world, who have added their product expertise to our own.

Our product notes can be used to guide buyers, chefs and diners on the characteristics of every item – taste, aroma, usage and what they bring to a dish. Crucially, they also include the dietary information.

In addition to unrivalled quality, products being free of preservatives and artificial flavour enhancers, we offer competitive pricing and the highest standards in packaging and delivery to bring you classic Indian flavours.

To find out more about the Tapasya Spices range and to order online please visit